Final Project: Sexual Harassment and how it is viewed in society


My project is a physical representation of sexual harassment and rape culture as it is seen in our society today. My physical object respects sexual harassment and rape as it is seen from the inside out. How others see the crime, how it is solved and perceived vs. how it should actually be viewed in society.

#1 Sociological Idea: Forced Silence From the Higher Class: Donald Trump
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Donald Trump has been seen by American’s as the perfect example of power and narcism. Men in his position often feel that they can do whatever they want with women, using their power to either reward them or shame them into giving sexual favors. After news had come out about Trump bragging about sexual assault, other women found the courage to share their stories. One story is of Natasha Stoynoff who claims that Trump, “After entering a room, alone, Stoynoff alleged that she “turned around, and within seconds [Trump] was pushing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat.” Instead of respecting Stoynoff’s rejection, Trump later accused her of being a liar, using his reputation to shame her into silence. This is one of many such accusations of Trump committing sexual assault.


#2 Sociological Idea: Blaming the victim: Rape culture on college campuses
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: The case of Brock Turner has really brought the issue of rape culture on college campuses front and center. Turner, who was convicted of raping a classmate behind a dumpster at a party received a very light sentence for his crimes. His family even made him out to be the victim in all of it. His father referred to the assault as only “20 minutes of action” which highlights the view that many college men have of women’s sexual rights. As is often the case, the victim was drunk at the time of the crime which lead to her being blamed for her own assault. Her reputation was called into question for going to a party and “asking for it”.


#3 Sociological Idea: Domination: Sexual Assault in Military
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Sexual Assault in the military is a growing issue as more and more women enter into the armed forces. Although they are not the only victims, women are dispositionally affected by sexual violence in the military. The phenomenon here is that many women are being blamed for their assault by being shamed for joining the military in the first place. Commanders are often unwilling to listen to or report stories of assault because they don’t want to look unprofessional and risk not getting a promotion. Instead, victims are said to keep quite which victimizes them all over again.


#4 Sociological Idea: Expression of Power: Sexual harassment at fox news
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: At Fox news, journalist Gretchen Carlson sued her network over claims of sexual harassment by the chairman Roger Ailes. Carlson claimed that although she had been at the station for a very long time, her gender prevented her from being respected as a journalist. Ailes repeatedly engaged in inappropriate conversations with her and made her aware that sexual favors would be required for her to move up at the station. After recording the conversations secretly she sued the network and they settled with her for 20 million dollars.


#5 Sociological Idea: Sexual Orientation: porn leads to more sexual thought/fewer thoughts
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: There are some studies that say that porn can be the cause of rape because porn leads to having more sexual thoughts.

#6 Sociological Idea: Social Conflict: rape as it’s portrayed in movie culture
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Maria Schneider, a famous Italian actress gives an interview about a scene she had filmed a few years ago that had a rape scene. This scene was all simulated, but the actress still felt humiliated and a little a bit violated and somewhat raped. She was not told entirely about what was to happen in the scene because the director wanted the scene to be as real as it could be. Not from an actresses point but an actual young girls portrayal on screen. But another problem is that no one believes women that have actually been raped. It had to take 50 women to come out for us to believe that Cosby had sexually assaulted women.

#7 Sociological Idea: Discrimination: video games beginning to degrade women/ “Gamer Gate”
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Following an online controversy about ethics in journalism dealing with video games, feminists cultural clinic Anita Sarkeesian has received death and rape threats. Even though her work was meant to highlight the negative stereotype, Sarkeesian became a victim of many online bullies. One of the theories about why she was attacked is that she dared step outside of women stereotypical role in video game culture.

#8 Sociological Idea: Dependence Theory: Cultural views on rape
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Society views rape today as somewhat being the girl’s fault. Maybe what she was wearing was the cause or the way she presents herself at a bar or just being out. When a woman has actually been raped, and it has been out, then society views rape like it should be seen but when it is behind closed doors or only one person has come out accusing another and the another person denies it to them it is considered to be the girl fault or her just asking for attention. We have seen recently that women are starting to just accuse guys of rape of covering up what they have done. Just to keep their image intact. When a rapist has been put on trial, the only thing people discuss and noticed is how the rapist life is going to change and how much they are losing.


#9 Sociological Idea: Social Change: rape in Matriarchal societies
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: There are places like Iceland, for the past 4 years have become a women- friendly society. They passed a law in 2010 that outlaws strip clubs. The feminist agenda was nudged even further when the government recently announced it was making plans to ban pornography both in print and online. on October 24, 1975, Iceland labeled the date as “women’s day off”, this is a day where women don’t have to cook, clean or watch after the children.


#10 Sociological Idea: sexting culture: sexual bullying online
Related Aspect Of The Phenomenon: Sexting culture with sending pictures has been a dangerous thing. It has become more common to send nudes through the phone with underage kids. It has become so common that now people just ask for it. Children have been forced into sending nudes or bullied for doing the act in sending one which causes in some cases the child to become so depressed that it leads to suicide. 13-year-old Hope Witsell thought that by sending a topless picture to a boy she liked would gain his attention, but instead, she gained attention from the whole school and other schools. Kids began to harshly bully Hope into a state of depression. Hope could not bear the life she was living anymore causing her to take her own life 11 weeks ago. Although there are not many deaths known caused by initially “sexting” this is still an issue that could become greater with the social society we have today.



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