Mini Project

The other day I was watching the movie Shrek, and during the movie, I start to realize many different things throughout the film that related to some of the things we have discussed in Sociology. I compared my 5 topics to both Shrek and Fiona, but mostly Fiona. A little background is that Fiona is a princess that was cursed at birth because of who her father is. At nightfall she changes into an ogre and when the sun rises she turns back into her human self. Her parents and fairy godmother lock her away in a tower because like all fairy tale stories true love’s kiss breaks the curse and will turn her into her true self (which she believes is her beautiful human person). Throughout Fiona’s life, she has felt that she is supposed to be this beautiful human girl because that is what she feels and sees as accepted. She hides from the world at night because she has grown up with her human life being the only side of her that is accepted. While she is concealed in the tower alone, this is where we see the backstage concept. Fiona walks around and talks in the mirror to herself. I see this as the backstage idea of her being the actor discussing, polishing and fixing her performance, which is what she wants the prince to see her as. She is also somewhat revealing herself to her audience which could also be seen as us. She begins to express aspects of herself that we as the public or others in her land wouldn’t accept.

We start to see the front stage concept when Shrek saves her from the tower. Fiona begins to act with a role like she is acting with a “script” from what she has been taught to believe the Prince is looking for. This can also me considered a stereotype. She has been taught to be this character, of what they think a princess should be seen as.

I also used the topic of an outsider, which is what Fiona and Shrek both think they are. Shrek believes that he is not seen as accepted from part of the fairy tale group. He doesn’t feel like he belongs in the society and neither does Fiona. Fiona doesn’t feel as if part of herself (which is the ogre side) is accepted by her society.

While Fiona adventure begins with Shrek, they start to get to know each other and become more comfortable with their image because they relate to each other. She begins to see more in herself and Shrek past their ogreish looks. They both start to see their I side, which is who they actually are, not their Me, which is what others see themselves as which is who they have been taught to be from society.

I know that this is a fairy tale and not a real life event, but it can be related to something most people go through. We see Fiona hiding who she really is behind closed doors because it isn’t accepted in society for a princess.


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